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Imparting strategic legal and business advice to the development and operation of your international mining enterprises.

Locating a potentially lucrative mineral deposit is merely the first of a series of hurdles that will need to be overcome to make a mining site operational. The development phase that a mining business needs to implement can be frustrating and laborious.  This is due to the wide-array of competing interests that are challenging the mine's development, while further unforeseen problems further interrupt your efforts at progress. Nevertheless, with the correct professional and legal team, such issues can be minimized and when they do arise they can be more effectively dealt with.

Project financing

Mineral production sales contracts

Custom milling, toll roasting and similar contracts

Environmental assessment and regulatory hearings and permitting

Economic development/impact and benefits agreement

Construction contracts and litigation

Disclosure of mineral projects under National Instrument 43-101

Providing corporate-commercial legal advice and strategic direction to mining businesses, from the exploration and development phases, into ongoing operations and beyond. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Chris Neufeld at or 416-887-9702.


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