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Imparting strategic legal and business advice to the development and operation of your international mining enterprises.

Success in the mining business is largely dependent on strategic foresight and positioning your business to optimize its mineral discoveries. Simply finding a major deposit is no longer sufficient, given the costs associated with its extraction and delivery to market. Now, an equally important issue, over which you have far greater control, is positioning your business from a legal stand-point to optimize and leverage its discoveries to your financial advantage as your business moves forward in bringing business partners while moving from the exploration phase to the development of the mining project and operations.

Conversely, business parties and investors who are looking to participate in a mining project need to be fully apprised of their buy-in. Although the marketing pitch may appear quite lucrative, the reality can be considerably different - when the legal restrictions on the investment and the return on capital are carefully analyzed. With years of legal experience in securities law and investment analysis with a New York City / Wall Street law firm, the importance of a thorough legal / investment review of substantive mining investments cannot be understated.

Providing corporate-commercial legal advice and strategic direction to mining businesses and investors, from the exploration and development phases, into ongoing operations and beyond. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Chris Neufeld at or 416-887-9702.


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