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For all the difficult years of hard work that you have labored for a mining company, working at remote Canadian locations and making many personal sacrifices, you should not let your former employer force you to accept a bad termination and severance pay package. However, if you don't take the time to speak with the appropriate lawyer as to what the mining company is offering and how you might attain what you are rightly entitled to, you are going to be extremely disappointed. Instead, you need to take control of your employment termination and obtain a solid review and assessment of your personal options. Having our law firm undertake a free initial assessment should be your first step or alternatively having us provide you with a complimentary second opinion.

Especially after far too many years grinding away for the same employer, working in some of the most arduous environments, while making countless sacrifices and enduring inhospitable living conditions, being shown the exit is an extremely tough blow. Loyalty all too often means next to nothing, given that even though you have over-performed for 10, 15, 20 or more years for that particular mining employer, making many personal sacrifices, that has now proven to be of little or no consequence. And when you realize that you are only getting a fraction of the money that you should be receiving after such a long period of time, it can be extremely disappointing, to say the least.

To make matters worse, you now find yourself with an overly technical termination or severance pay package that the mining company's executives are pressing you to accept and sign. It doesn’t seem adequate (because in most situations it is grossly inadequate), but you don’t know how to best deal with the situation. That is when you knowledgeable legal counsel and strategic direction, so as to best protect and advance your personal interests.

Even if you've recently accepted the termination and severance pay package that was presented to you by your former employer and now you're realizing that you may have taken considerably less than what you deserved, we may still be able to assist you. Similarly, if it provides yourself with the peace of mind that you took a reasonable severance pay package, shouldn't you have that confidence.

However, the facts and circumstances of your particular employment situation and the mining company's offer are absolutely critical to whether or not our distinct approach has the potential for success. For that very reason, we will undertake a free review and advise yourself as to whether or not the particular facts and circumstances related to your job loss and the termination and severance pay offer are appropriate for our strategy, as well as whether or not you qualify for our contingency fee payment arrangement.

So if you're a recently terminated, long-serving mining employee looking for a lawyer to provide a specialized approach to reviewing and potentially pursuing an increased termination and severance pay-out, or your looking for a second opinion, do not hesitate to contact mining employee lawyer Christopher Neufeld at or call 403-400-4092 (Alberta), 905-616-8864 (Ontario).

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