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Imparting strategic legal and business advice to the development and operation of your international mining enterprises.

Becoming operational does not mean the problems that had arisen through the mining site's development simply disappear, instead they merely take on a new form.  And if you are not sufficiently diligent with your recognition that alternate strategic legal and business action needs to be undertaken to secure your ongoing operations, your business could run into some serious issues.

The operational phase also presents a range of opportunities to enable your business to realize the financial rewards that have been sought from the inception of every mining project, including via mergers & acquisitions. Yet optimizing your financial return will be driven in large part by timing, presentation and the selection of the correct professional advisors to maximize your profit potential.

Mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, and restructuring

Offtake agreements and hedging arrangements

Labour and employment issues including collective bargaining and human rights

Property tax assessment and appeals

Defences to environmental prosecutions

Providing corporate-commercial legal advice and strategic direction to mining businesses, from the exploration and development phases, into ongoing operations and beyond. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Chris Neufeld at or 416-887-9702.


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